Where do I start

Before all the trolls decide to visit and make a comment, take a moment and step back.

I chose to allow this to be the way it is and why because I became stagnant, The next troll who says I am being a martyr or just looking for attention maybe I am. The thing is I am CHOOSING to realign myself back to the world of social and blogging. Yes there is a lot to learn, do I expect to be an expert NO but I think I am intuitive enough to understand and ask.

Why I hate my site:

  1. My old site I LOST IT ALL. I didn’t back it up to 3 years of content and development is in the black hole
  2. WordPress – allow me to be your mistress and guide me to where I need to be or just basically I need to get $10 and go to @udemy to learn. I think the latter is my answer
  3. Themes in the last 2 months I been changing my theme and I continue to mess it up so if you have any suggestions for free themes for now and plugins that should be here those comments are welcome.

To all a good night

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