Fruit & Tea Infusion Water Pitcher Review

Fruit & Tea Infusion Water Pitcher Review

Water! Water is a key factor to lose weight, but sometimes not everyone enjoys the taste of it. Even for me, I drink water daily but I get tired of it also. I love flavored water but it can be costly buying in the supermarket.

When I do make it in the pitcher at home, it has to be drunk immediately due to it loses flavor or I see the fruits remnants floating around which is nasty. Let’s be real we all love how when we go to the restaurant how beautiful infused water looks and tastes. I realized that when I do it at home, it doesn’t that look or tasted after the first day. Looking for a healthy way to have tea, vegetable, or fruit infused drinks? Get the MAMI WATA INFUSION PITCHER! Keep your flavored drinks in this leakproof container.

About the Product:

Fruit & Tea Infusion Water Pitcher – Free Ice Ball Maker – Free Infused Water Recipe Booklet – Includes Shatterproof Jug, Fruit Infuser, and Tea Infuser – Great for weight loss – The PERFECT Set

  • ✔ YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GATEWAY – Be that person that offers his family & friends a sugar-free alternative! Keep your children away from sugary “Vitamin waters”. Infused water makes the act of drinking water more enjoyable. Our Infusion set is a PERFECT CHOICE as you will find out 🙂
  • ✔ HOT TEA & ICED TEA: This pitcher can do it all! The solid Tritan™ body and the stainless steel herbs infuser, allow you to use HOT water. You can make yourself hot infused tea and cool it in the fridge for later. The possibilities with this set are endless which makes it the perfect birthday gift
  • ✔ SO WHY MAMI WATA?: Our Infusion Pitcher is made of a thick and durable Tritan™, not acrylic plastic or glass! So it is HEAT RESISTANT, DISHWASHER SAFE and SHATTERPROOF. It has a HERMETIC SEAL mechanism that makes the pitcher ODOR RESISTANT. It also fits the REFRIGERATOR DOOR. Need more reasons why? Check out your BONUSES…
  • ✔ YOUR BONUSES: You also get a green matching silicone ICE BALL MAKER. The slow melting ice balls are the best way to cool your beverages. When serving, your guests will love it. You can also make a perfect, round & fruity popsicles for your kids. We will send you our EXCLUSIVE Infused Water Recipes Bookelt, with many combinations and recipes that will help you getting started.